Unleashing Potential

We have worked with a number of schools, colleges, universities and community organisations to establish and develop relationships with businesses. Our involvement has led to:

  • Provision of new resources for teaching staff.
  • Support for Literacy, Numeracy and other curricular subjects.
  • Developing economic well-being and financial capability programmes
  • Industry visits to head offices, manufacturing plants and research labs.
  • Employers can support the professional development of classroom teachers and school managers, support the effective governance of the institution and provide new financial and in-kind resources.
  • Sourcing professional skills for IT, marketing, finance and communications.
  • Work with ‘at risk’ students through mentoring, guidance and skills development.
  • Involvement in enterprise, science and technology projects helping students appreciate the relevance of education to the world of work.
  • Company presentations to groups of students.
  • Providing new experiences including problem-based approaches, collaborative and co-operative activities.
  • Involving parents of children in the school in a professional capacity.
  • Annual enterprise events taking place in schools.
  • Developing localised and contextual resources for schools.
  • Facilitating volunteering opportunities for students and professionals.

Employer involvement has provided new resources to the organisations we work with bringing learning to life through exciting and motivating experiences across a range of curriculum areas.

If you would like to discuss how we could work with your school or institution contact us today.

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