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Project Malawi

When we dial 999, we take it for granted that medical assistance will arrive promptly. In rural Malawi, there is no 999 service. For most of the population, there are no ambulances.

Those in dire need travel up to 20 kilometres to seek emergency medical help in their makeshift “ambulance” – a rusted, garden wheelbarrow with a punctured tyre.

Malawian women die every day in childbirth or from related complications – 14 times more than in the UK.
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Unleashing Potential have been involved in a number of charity campaigns and fundraisers, including:

  • Raising £130k for a new youth and community project in Kingsway
  • Collecting more than 20 tonnes of dry food & blankets for the Pakistan flood appeal
  • Sponsoring 20 orphans in 2010
  • Raising £18k for irrigation, wells and reforestation projects in South East Africa

Building capacity

Charities and voluntary organisations make a real difference on the ground. Unleashing Potential makes a real difference with charities by supporting them with skills,  managing events and designing and championing community campaigns. Some of the endeavours to date have included:

  • Undertaking research for youth facilities in the Dallow ward
  • Developing websites for charities in Africa and UK
  • Delivering strategy workshops and action planning for Friends of Bright Eyes
  • Preparing a keynote presentation for FOBEs Annual General Meeting
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Unleashing Potential works with local and national partners who are looking for experienced volunteers to support various projects. Find out more and get involved now